Improvement of the efficiency of helth system in the contex of the renewal of primary helath care is characterised by the transformation and consolidation of health systeme based on PHC. The integrated health services delivery network, defined as "as a network of organizations that provides, or makes arrangements to provide, equitable, comprehensive, and integrated health services to a defined population and is willing to be held accountable for its clinical and economic outcomes and the health status of the population served", constitutes one of the main operational expressions of this approach at the level of services.

In this conceptual and strategic framework, the Productive Management Methodology for Health Services and its support tools attempt to contribute to the strengthening of managerial capacity in health services and systems to improve the generation and use of information and evidence for decision-making and actions to improve outcomes in care, quality of the health services and sustainable organizational development over time.

The Productive Management Methodology for Health Services (PMMHS) is a management methodology developed by the Pan American Health Organization as a response to new approaches and emerging practices in the management of health services, that aims to optimise the organisation and management of health services. It is presented as an alternative that provides fundamental and essential elements of information to facilitate analysis of the pertinence, efficiency, and quality of the facility’s productivity, negotiation and control of management agreements, and cost management and financial analysis in the exercise of decision-making in health services management.

The basic course for decision makers in health services institutions and networks will equip participants with the knowledge and understanding to carry out application and analysis based on the reality of their environment in order to allow the development or improvement of health management information system and changes in culture to facilitate the decision-making process in their organizations.

Basic Schedule of the Course



Review conceptual framework



Evaluate environment, for example, a facility or network of health services



Identify opportunities for improvement



Analyze results



Apply tools



Group discussion of action plan

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