The tutors and the staff of the virtual campus extend a warm welcome to this course.

You will start along with a group of other colleagues learning and gaining experience about the Productive Management Methodolgy for Health Services – PMMHS. Through the potentials that that virtual environment provides (Public Health Virtual Campus of the Pan American Health Organization) and the Moodle platform.

This virtual learning program aims to provide participants with a space for learning, reflection and the development of applied skills to promote the development of the PMMHS and its tools in English speaking countries.

Through the course, you will have the support of the tutors, the general coordinators, the faculty and the coordinating team of the virtual campus. You can communicate with them throughout the development of the activities. You can also exchange valuable experiences and knowledge through the course group interactions.

We wish you a positive experience throughout these activities!

Last modified: Wednesday, 5 December 2012, 3:18 PM