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Virtual course on properly completing death certificates

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  • Improve the knowledge of the adequate completion of a death certificate and its importance in the decision making process in health. 


  • Adequately complete a Death Certificate according to standards established by the Word Health Organization.

How to access: participants have to register on the virtual campus to receive user ID and password (Sign Up). The course can be accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

Number of participants: ALL medical doctors responsible for filling out the death certificate in a hospital or any other health facility are strongly encouraged to participate in this course. Final year medical students are also encouraged to participate.

Time period: the course takes approximately 4 hours or can be taken over a period of time, accordingly to the availability of each participant.

Contents: The course covers six topics:

  • Introduction
  • Uses of death certificate
  • Mortality statistics
  • International standard format
  • Decalogue for certification
  • Simulations

At the end of the course the participant can take a test to obtain a certificate.