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    A network to create, collaborate and share in public health training and education.

  • Public Health Courses Call for applications. These are courses with tutors. Enrollment is limited and selection takes place through the PAHO country offices.
    In progress. Tutored courses that are in progress and enrollment is now closed.
    Self-learning. Free access to self-learning courses.
    Upcoming. PAHO/WHO courses currently in the design phase. Access is available only to professors, consultants, and course designers.
    Open Educational Resources. Free access is available to all learning resources from these courses that have concluded.
  • IMPORTANT MESSAGE: For security reasons we have disabled accounts with invalid email in the user profile. To have your account activated, please write an email to cvsp@paho.org indicating your username. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this action that is necessary to guarantee the correct operation of our services.
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Convocatoria 2014 / Call for applications

Autoaprendizaje / Self-learning

Recursos abiertos / Open resources